Scope: Seaeye Panther XT  as back up to contractor`s primary system and providing  support with riser Inspection.

Supply of Panter XT ROV with survey skid and boom arms as a back up vehicle to primary unit.

A total of 80 pipelines with combined length of approximately 300km (riser to riser or riser to T-piece to shore landing point), 151 risers at 81 platforms were inspected. 

  • Visually inspected all pipelines within the scope and logged any visual damage (including coating damage), field joint, pad eyes anodes encoutered on each pipeline.
  • Determined lenght and height on any pipeline suspension (free spans)
  • Determined length and depth of burial of any buried sections.
  • Visually inspected where pipelines crossed to determine pipeline separations.
  • Identified any debris on or in close proximity (<5m) to each pipeline(including grout bags)
  • Determined the position of each pipeline and checked for movement and displacement.
  • Determined profiles of the seabed out to approximately 5m on either side of the pipeline at regular intervals.
  • Took CP stabs at he base of each riser and all bare metal incidents encountered.
  • Recorded CP potential field gradient readings.
  • Logged any excursion of the CP reading outside the allowable range (-850mV to -1200mV)
  • Visually inspected each riser for defects in the riser or its supports.
  • Determined the condition of the pipeline out to 50m from the riser J-tube.

Client: Amaniaga Resources (M) SDN BHD
Period: 2015


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