Scope: EPC contract for the supply of a Mechanical Equipment Module

Project: Talisman - installation of MOPUstor, a mobile production and subsea storage unit in the YME field located in the Egersund basin in the North Sea, approximately 110 km Southwest of Stavanger on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, at a waterdepth of approx. 93 m LAT.

Client: Smit Marine Projects/ SBM Offshore

Narrative: The main dimensions of the storage unit were:

  • Overall length : 66.0 m
  • Overall width : 54.0 m
  • Overall height : 45.0 m (excl. caisson)
  • Height tank : 18.0 m
  • Skirt height : 3.5 m

The installation method consisted of a combination of passive flooding of tank compartments and pumping to gradually lower the structure to the seabed.

Upon touchdown suction was to be applied in order to secure the skirts into the seabed.

To enable the installation of the MOPUstor a so-called Mechanical Equipment Module (MEM) was developed and constructed by DISA. Aside from the MEM itself a control container was built from where the hydraulic valves and other functions of the MEM were controlled by making use of in-house prepared software. The control container was connected to the MEM via an umbilical with the MEM being fully redundant as far as critical parts were concerned due to the fact that the operation was characterized by a relatively quick 'point of no return'.

The main characteristics of the MEM were:

  • 3 pumps with a capacity of 300 m³/hr each and a head of 140m³
  • Capacity to operate 27 storage tank hydraulic valves and 5 MEM hydraulic valves with a volume of 150l of hydraulic oil available
  • Read-out of level sensors is ballast tanks, read-out of pressure sensors in suction compartments, measurement of flow velocities, read-out of available position  and inclination data

The MOPUstor was successfully installed in September 2008.

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