Client: PPSB – PBJV - PCSB
Period: 2015
Country: Brunei


ROV support using Seaeye LYNX for the Dalak pipeline rectification project : DISA contracted with PPSB as contract holder to PBJV. Mobilisation in Labuan on board Bayu Intan supporting pipelay barge KL101. DISA had a pipeline pinger integrated in the ROV to perform pipeline anomaly detection capability.

The main components of the ROV set up includes the ROV with Tether Management System (TMS), Crane Launch and recover system (LARS) in one skid. Furthermore a control container and a stores container will come with the system.

The open frame ROV construction and a 37kg payload capacity allow a wide range of tools and sensors to be carried, as well as bolt on tool skids. The ROV can carry inspection and sonar equipment. It is also fitted with a manipulator skid to actually be able to lift from the seabed or remove debris if detected. 

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