DISA established by Didier De Graaff, providing underwater services to marine salvage contractors. Headcount at inception: 1


Aside from conventional diving work, company increasingly focusing on the development of smart tools to simplify, and thereby facilitate a more economical execution of, underwater works. Marc Droge and John Penson join DISA and a second division is launched for the civil construction sector. DISA Civil offers underwater services for infrastructural projects and especially the specialized application of underwater concrete.


The two existing divisions expanded gradually during the years and their growth highlighted the need for a new division within DISA: DISA Engineering. The core discipline of DISA Engineering being the  research and development of high quality underwater tools to be used by the other 2 divisions. Appointment of Hans Reinigert as director of the company, heading DISA together with Didier de Graaff.


In 2011 the workforce of DISA has grown to 35 full-time employees, operating from offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Singapore. Following the international expansion the company continues under the common brand name DISA International with 3 divisions: DISA Marine & Offshore, DISA Civil Construction and the former DISA Engineering, renamed DISA Integrated Projects. Under the direction of David Fieuw and Edward Meevers Scholte latter division to further and independently capitalize on the combined expertise and experience of the other two divisions within DISA.