Offshore Oil & Gas

DISA Offshore Oil and Gas provides a high standard and wide range of subsea services and support to the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide.

Our assets and resources include diving systems, remotely-operated vehicles and an extensive range of survey and positioning equipment, together with capable project management and engineering expertise. As such, services in the Oil & Gas segment include:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Diving
  • ROV operations
  • Survey & positioning
  • Ballasting and suction operations

These services are used for a variety of offshore operations, either stand-alone (diving, ROV or survey & positioning), or as an integrated package, combined to suit specific project requirements. An example of a fully integrated approach was the positioning and installation of a storage and production facility offshore Norway, where DISA was engaged to fabricate and operate a topside controlled unit capable to perform ballasting and suction operations. The integrated package was flawlessly brought together by our project management and engineering teams.