Vinca Gorthon phase II: Survey, positioning & monitoring

Vinca Gorthon phase II: Survey, positioning & monitoring

The Vinca Gorthon is a Swedish Roll-on roll-off freighter (166m x 23m, 18,500 tons) built in 1987. On 29 Februari 1988 the ship sank due to shifting freight, mainly rolls of paper, at 16.5 nm west of Petten, the Netherlands.

The vessel landed exactly on a subsea oil pipe, on the traffic separation scheme off Texel. The damaged pipe line has been blinded and rerouted around the Vinca Gorthon.
Due to an increased number of ship movements on the Northsea, developments in the offshore and the installation of near-shore wind farms, ship traffic has been brought closer. The location of the vessel is such that part of the available preferred shipping routes are blocked and this is the main reason Rijkswaterstaat on behalf of the Netherlands wants the Vinca Gorthon removed.

Titan Salvage won the tender for the removal. The method for removal is cutting the vessel in several pieces and lifting the pieces one by one on a submerged barge. Refloat the barge and tow the barge to shore where the piece will be lifted on land and scrapped.

DISA has been approached to provide a number of services:

  • Development of a monitoring system combining all the loads of the chain pullers into overall loads of the barge to be lifted. Safety warnings have been implemented to prevent overload of the system.
  • Tug Management System including both barges and the tugs working on the project.
  • Positioning of the submerged barge to guarantee correct placement of the pieces of the vessel
  • Installing a computer network for the crew and providing internet (via satellite) access
  • Arranging wireless data communication between the two project barges, assuring the full set of data generated during the project available on both locations

Client: Titan Salvage
Period: 2011
Location: 16.5 nm west off Petten, Northsea, the Netherlands