Wreck Removal

DISA Wreck Removal is an established and widely recognized subcontractor of the major marine salvage and dredging companies. Over the years it has expanded its services to comprise:

  • Project management
  • Engineering    
  • Management of marine operations,  including chartering of support vessels
  • Diving
  • ROV operations
  • Survey & positioning
  • Underwater directional drilling
  • Heavy lifting and pulling operations with chainpullers and winches

Aside from wreck removal and emergency response DISA’s services are used for the installation of cables and pipelines, in particular for landfalls and shore approaches.
The equipment of DISA Wreck Removal includes a subsea horizontal directional drilling unit as well as a mobile lifting/ pulling capacity of 15000 ton. All equipment has proven trackrecords on a number of high-profile maritime projects.
Achieving the highest standards in terms of safety and  quality and completing projects on time and within budget, requires trained professionals with specialized equipment capable to operate under the most diļ¬ƒcult of circumstances.
Our people will contribute and assist in dealing with the challenges posed by a subsea environment, whether it  concerns marine salvage or an offshore assignment, drawing on the expertise and experience of our team, DISA Wreck Removal will always provide a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective solution.