With an origin in marine salvage and following diversification as well as international expansion, the DISA brand operates globally with three divisions: DISA Wreck Removal, DISA Offshore Oil & Gas and DISA Civil Construction.

DISA’s competitive advantage and unique selling point is the capability to modify concepts and techniques used in one segment to make them suitable for meeting operational challenges in another, thereby ensuring a more efficient and economical approach of underwater projects to an international client base.

A land-based directional drilling tool for civil construction that was developed into a topside controlled subsea unit  to successfully install 12 lifting chains, in order to raise the fully submerged aft-section of the MSC Napoli, is an example of this innovative approach.

DISA provides wreck removal, diving, ROV, survey and positioning services, specializing in underwater concreting, horizontal directional drilling, as well as the engineering and construction of custom made subsea tools and modules including ballasting/suction units.